Spanish classes Barcelona

The following class types are available. Have a read, have a think and if one of the below sounds like the right course for you, book directly through the website or contact us to find out more.

Not quite sure about your level? We can help.

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Learn Spanish and meet new people!

For people who don’t like studying on their own.

Class size is up to 6 people

  • 10 lessons (15 h) over 5 weeks (Monday-Wednesday/Tuesday-Thursday)
  • 1.5 hrs per lesson
  • Lesson materials are provided by us and are included in the course fee.


Aprende inglés y conoce a nueva gente.

Este curso es ideal para aquellas personas que prefieren estudiar en grupo.

  • 6 alumnos máximo por clase.
  • 10 lecciones / Clases de 1,5 h.
  • Los materiales los ofrecemos  nosotros y el coste está incluido en el precio del curso

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185 Euro

per course


Conversational Class

For those students who want to improve their Spanish oral skills by discussing different topics: cinema, literature, philosophy, art, sports, interculturality…

Class size is up to 6 people

  • 100 Eur/pack (5 lessons) or 25 Eur/payg (minimum two students)
  • Lesson time for 2 students = 1 h
  • Lesson time for 3+ students=1.5h


Este curso está diseñado para aquellos estudiantes que quieren mejorar sus habilidades comunicativas en inglés debatiendo sobre diferentes temas: cine,literatura, filosofía, arte, deportes, interculturalidad…

6 alumnos máximo por clase

  • 100 eur/pack (5 clases) o 25 eur/clases sueltas (mínimo de dos estudiantes)
  • Duración de la clase para 2 alumnos= 1h.
  • Duración de la clase para 3+ alumnos= 1,5h.


Get your Skype* ready and let’s begin.

Do you want to have Spanish online lessons from your home country? Or do you already live here but have ho time to attend classes?

Learning online is an easy and fun way to learn languages. The lessons are 100% tailored to your needs and designed just for you.

We offer you a 30 minutes trial lesson for free. Come’on book your free trial here.

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*Classes require a stable internet connection.



Learn Spanish on a private class at your own pace. These course is ideal for those who has specific learning goals.

  • 100 Eur/pack (5 lessons) or 25 Eur/payg
  • 1 hour lessons


Aprende inglés con clases privadas a tu ritmo. Este curso es ideal para aquellas personas con objetivos específicos de aprendizaje.

  • 100 eur/pack (5 clases) o 25 eur/clases sueltas
  • clases de 1 h.

25 Euro

per lesson


OR 100 Euro per pack of 5 lessons



Intensive Course

This intensive Spanish course is conceived for adults of any age who wish to improve their Spanish language skills rapidly. .

  • Class size up to six people
  • The intensive course runs three hour lessons per day from Monday to Friday in the morning or the afternoon.
  • Lesson materials are provided by us and are included in the course fee.                       

150 Eur/week

15 hr/week (from Monday to Friday)

3 hour lesson


Este curso intensivo está diseñado para adultos de todas las edades que quieran mejorar rápidamente su dominio del inglés

6 alumnos máximo por clase.

  • El curso intensivo se imparte de lunes a viernes, con tres horas lectivas al día en horario de mañana o de tarde.
  • 150 eur/semana
  • 15 hr/semana(de lunes a viernes)
  • clases de 3 h.


Do you want to learn Spanish while experience the Spanish and Catalan culture?

We know from personal experience that learning languages is more than memorising vocabulary and conjugating verbs…is about feeling part of a new culture and enjoy it as the locals do..

Our immersion program is the perfect choice for all those who enjoy learning languages in context in a natural way. We provide opportunities to make students interaction more enjoyable. We give practice in key language for situations, such as checking into a hotel, ordering a meal in a restaurant, shopping at the local market, meeting the locals. We also  give students insights into cultural awareness.


How does it work:

Every day, we learn the vocabulary and the grammar we will need for the outdoor activity in class (1,5 h.)

Right after that we will go out and explore the city. Time to put in practice what you have learned in class by enjoying a different outdoor activity each day.


Do not settle for eating a paella in a restaurant… we offer you the opportunity to learn how to cook it yourself. How??

  • Learn the basics at the school (the recipe for a traditional paella, tips for shopping in a local market, vocabulary and some useful grammar)
  • Go to the local market with your teacher and buy the ingredients
  • Cook the paella yourself
  • Enjoy it with your teacher and whoever you like to invite
  • Relax and enjoy the chatting time after launch for a while (“hacer sobremesa”)


Do not settle for visiting the same beaten path as many tourist do… we offer you the opportunity to discover some of the hidden secrets of the city.

  • Learn the basics at the school (history and curiosities of Barcelona)
  • Go out and explore the city with your teacher
  • ask as many questions you want to understand the city and its people


Do not settle for going to see a flamenco show at Las Ramblas… we offer you the opportunity to enjoy an authentic small format show.

  • Learn the basics at the school (history of flamenco, “los palos flamencos” an introduction, gypsy way of life)
  • Go to visit the main gypsy area
  • enjoy a small show


Do not settle for having a sangria…have you ever seen a local drinking it? So when in Rome…do what Romans do! We offer you the opportunity to take a tour of the most charming cellars in Gracia neighbourhood

  • Learn the basics at the school (how to socialise in Barcelona, why vermut is so appreciated by locals)
  • Visit the main cellars in Gracia neighbourhood
  • Taste the different vermuts we have